Act together

As a journalist, I’ve been taught to raise problems, but this work also brought on my path amazing people, trying to solve these issues, on their own scale – international or ultra-local. In recent years, I have therefore specialized myself in the ecosystem of impact investments, social businesses, societal impact, environmental impact, or educational, medical etc.

Supporting the actors of the change is a game changer. And using video to serve general interest means inspiring for acting.

I like listening to your stories, your concerns, your initiatives as much as shooting them or storytell them. I am passionate about your innovative solutions, which tend to rhyme wisdom with growth, offering the opportunity for a positive and responsible impact – together.

Our Expertise

To guarantee the success of your audiovisual communication campaigns, So Focus supports you from the first contact until your film is ready to be broadcasted.

Needs & Feasibility

  • Tailor-made analysis of your needs, your expectations, your target and your video strategy
  • Pre-production / preparation
  • Fixing

Shooting & directing

  • Full professional 4k filming kit with Canon C200 and various Canon optics, Sennheiser wireless microphone, lighting, drone, slider


  • Elaboration of a synopsis 
  • Proposals for creative identity


  • Editing (Premiere Pro or FCPX)
  • Color grading
  • Audio mixing, voice-over, musics
  • Translation and subtitles
  • Graphics, special effects, motion design.


  • Encoding and delivery of videos ready to be broadcast
  • In formats adapted to your communication media: website, social networks, conferences, events,…

My commitment: Illustrate your projects and highlight your testimonials to prove, in video, the real concerns of your brand, your foundation, your NGO, your start-up, the CSR department of your company, your institution, your medical or educational institutes

Women, bulwark against extremism (UNDP)

Impact Meet Up (Impactivs & Impact Hub)

Sport to go beyond borders (UNDP)

Legal framework to leave Boko Haram (UNDP)

Training imams against extremism (UNDP)

Ethnic groups, immigration and dialogue (UNDP)

TedX on social business
(Time Prod)

Chad Lake : stabilisation against terror ( UNDP)

International engineer university (ESTA)

Impact entrepreneur : AllWoman (Impactiv's)

Impact entrepreneur : Allcolibri (Impactiv's)

Impact entrepreneur : El Bien Social (Impactiv's)

Vigilance committees against terror (UNDP)

One day in Glion
(Time Prod)

Return on experience

Spain : Minor sea suffocates (AFP)

The Bellevue restaurant (Glion)

Recruitment day at Glion (Time Prod)

Helping amateur sports in rural areas (BigMat)

Flamenco (Tablao de Carmen)