Touching people's minds

For over 13 years, we have been traveling around the globe, capturing stories and turning them infor creative videos. Video Journalists for various international channels and organizations, we produce – from A to Z – TV pieces ready to be broadcast. As a result: nearly 800 videos produced on 4 continents, in 3 different languages, and broadcast on the biggest channels, on social networks, or during international conferences.


Being on the field is a passion, despite facing sometimes stressful conditions (conflict zones, troubled environments, intense heat, short deadlines, etc).

The major challenges of our society are a constant source of inspiration. Each day is dedicated to researching for exciting stories and new angles. Trying to understand and analyze the world around us helps us to think bigger.


Technical Skills

Pre-production (preparation, fixing)

Shooting (complete video kit with Canon C200 4k, various lenses, wireless microphone, etc)


Editing (Premiere Pro or FCPX + Color grading, audio mixing, voice-over)

Sending Live (LiveU o Aviwest) or FTP

Our Documentaries

Paying health care with waste (AFP)

A year after independence referendum (AFP)

Spanish town wants to lose 100 000 kilos (AFP)

Closing Indonesia's biggest red-light district (AFP)

Chagas disease in Argentina (AFP)

Maintaining Notre-Dame de Paris (AFP)

Argentina : a train hospital to reach the poorest (AFP)

Breed the best horses (AFP)

Argentina : rebirth of the cajon instrument (AFP)

Kingdom of five golf course (Eurosport)

Spain : Minor Sea suffocates (AFP)

The legendary Gaucho Gil in Argentina (AFP)

The difficult work of remembrance (AFP)

Epecuen, a town frozen in salt (AFP)

Argentina : the danger of super-farms (AFP)

Patrick Roger, master chocolatier (AFP)

Riachelo, one of the most polluted rivers (AFP)